Plaques and Signs

Zinc chemical engraving has a unique look and feel that is different from Aluminum or Stainless Steel.

Our chemically etching facilities manufacture some of the industry’s finest etched zinc plaques and signs that are tough and durable enough for outdoor use.

Zinc is an environmentally friendly metal and is known for its corrosion-resistant properties that resist heat, humidity, and moisture for years - all our waste zinc is recycled.

As an excellent alternative to more expensive metals, our chemically engraved zinc plaques can contain very highly detailed images, such as photographs, small text, crests, logo's and other intricate detailed images at no extra cost and are an excellent alternative to more expensive metals.

Our SuperEtch range of zinc signs and plaques, offer exceptional depth and definition of recessed graphics and detail for excellent presentation.

Some examples for uses include:

  • memorial plaques
  • awards
  • corporate plaques
  • employee plaques
  • dedication plaques
  • retirement plaques
  • sports award plaques
  • Interpretation Panels
  • recognition plaques
  • indoor and outdoor signs
  • office signs
  • bathroom signs
  • logo signs
  • industrial and commercial signs
  • ....and many many more......

The recessed areas of etched plaques can be painted with your choice of our colours.

For more information, please call 01536 522957 to speak to an advisor.

Coloured Plaques

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