Hot Foil Label Printing Dies

Discover what nearly 40 years experience of die making has to offer your company......
  • Fast Delivery
  • Different plate thicknesses to suit all requirements
  • FREE delivery option available*
  • Late cut-off times for same day shipping
  • Special prices for small plates
  • Plate mounting holes option available
  • All blocks and dies fully guaranteed
  • Volume Discounts
  • All major artwork file formats accepted.
  • Safe and confidential service.
  • Blocks and Dies produced using high resolution Postscript Imagesetters to help retain fine detail.
  • Proven quality with over 30 years service to industry.
  • Consistent quality control checks are made throughout the plate manufacture to ensure the best possible plate is produced.
  • No charge for minor additions to the plates required by our customer's such as coating removal or custom plate size.
  • Art paper proofs as standard.
Magnesium plates available:
  • 16 gauge (1.63mm)
  • 8 gauge (4mm)
  • 5 gauge (5mm)
  • 3 gauge (6.35mm)
Zinc plates available in 16 gauge (1.63mm).

Plates are etched using our chemical etching baths we have on site and hand finished with our comprehensive range of finishing equipment to your own requirements..

We can supply your plates separated and drilled for mounting holes, or just as one plate for you to work on and finish yourself.

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