Artwork Guidelines

If you are unable to supply digital artwork, we will provide professional digital artwork for you. If possible, send a rough idea of your requirements, any logo’s or images to be printed and we will do the rest. Any images and logos will be placed on your layout and then supply you with a proof for your approval before production commences.

Any artwork prices quoted assume a small amount of alterations on the first proof. Additional charges may be incurred if major alterations are required on subsequent proofs.

Please Note: If you think it is necessary, please ask for a faxed proof when placing your order to ensure the file we receive to manufacture your plates is as the original you initially sent to us.

Supplying Film

Film may be supplied preferably as negatives right reading emulsion up or positives right reading emulsion down for normal wrong reading plates.

Here’s all you need to know about supplying your own artwork. This page is intended to help unravel some of the mysteries of acceptable artwork for printing to ensure our products are of the best quality available.

Digital Artwork

The computer systems we use are all are able to accept most files from most popular programs, however, pdf or eps files are the most reliable. Artwork can be e- mailed to our own server to speed production in most common formats (see list below) up to 40mb.


It is best to ensure the size of the artwork is exact to the final size required or if the artwork is larger, prepare it so when reduced, the dimensions will be correct in both directions.


If the image runs to the edge of the page, the image will need to be extended 2mm off the page to allow for tolerances in the final trimming process, allowing the guillotine to trim through this area and thus eliminating a thin white line towards the edge of the page which would otherwise occur.


Make sure the file is supplied in black and white or colour separated.

With programs such as Microsoft Publisher , Word or PowerPoint, we are unable to guarantee accurate colour separations due to limitations in the Microsoft software.

Type Fonts

To ensure all type remains the same on the final print, please ensure any fonts are converted to paths, outlines or curves before supplying the file. This eliminates any font problems which may occur.


Please ensure any images supplied are of sufficient resolution. 1200dpi minimum for line work is recommended.

Corrective Work

In certain circumstances, files submitted to us for reproducing cannot be used and can only be corrected or altered by the originator. If however, we are able to amend the file, we may need to supply an additional quotation for any corrective work needed.


The Customer is ALWAYS sent a proof for any artwork or alteration we produce and we have to receive acknowledgement the proof is correct before we will commence production.

Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy, we regret that we are unable to accept responsibility for errors or omissions not corrected on the proof. The proof is submitted for checking purposes only, and does not necessarily represent the finished quality.

Additional charges may be made for authors corrections. In the event of a cancelled order, all work undertaken will be charged for.

Files Formats Accepted

PDF, EPS, AI, PS, CDR, INDD etc [All fonts must be converted to paths or curves]

Artwork from Microsoft programs (or originated from Microsoft programs) can be used but as mentioned before, it is advisable to request a proof before production since these programs are not deemed acceptable for professional use.

Most of the file formats used nowadays can be supported, however, please contact us for advise if you intend to supply a file not in one of the above formats.

Any questions?

We will be please to answer any questions you may have regarding artwork suitability - please either email or ring 01536 522957.